16 Bones Fractured In 1 Foot

Do you know how many bones you have in one of your feet?Ai?? The answer is 26 bones.Ai?? A young man, Mr Daniel Brown, knew the answer to the question because he suffered an accident at work resulting in him sustaining fractures to 16 of the bones in his right foot.

Mr Brown was working at a waste recycling plant in Maidstone, Kent when a tyre of a JCB digger type of vehicle rolled over his right foot.Ai??The digger vehicle was not properly maintained and numerous parts of it were broken and in a defective condition, including the windscreen wipers and also the heater in the operatorai??i??s cabin, and therefore rain water could not be wiped off the windscreen and it also misted up on the inside of the windscreen.Ai??It was raining at the time of the accident and the driver of the digger vehicle therefore had only poor visibility through the windscreen.

The owners of some factories and plants sometimes complain that there are too many workplace safety laws, however the accident suffered by Mr Brown is a real example of the reasons why the workplace safety laws are important.Ai??If the driver of the digger vehicle had not seen Mr Brown due to having poor visibility through the windscreen then it could have led to Mr Brown suffering a fatal accident.Ai?? rosuvastatin and fenofibrate tablets. The owners of the recycling plant were in breach of the Work Equipment Regulations for allowing the digger to be in a defective condition and also the Workplace Regulations for failing to segregate work vehicle traffic and pedestrians for reasons of safety.

The Health & Safety Executive prosecuted the owners of the waste recycling plant in Maidstone Magistratesai??i?? Court and the owners pleaded guilty to breaching section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work cost of levetra at walmart, buy aggrenox without a. Act 1974 and were fined A?10000 plus costs.