Vulnerable Workers Suffering Accidents

There are no statistics for the exact number of foreign nationals working in England and buyviagrapillsonline. Wales, however the government estimates that before the economic recession in 2008 there were more than 2 million and foreign nationals made up about 7.5% of the workforce.Ai??The vast majority of foreign nationals working in England and Wales are young and more than 75% aged between 18 and 34 years.

The greatest risk factor for an accident at work generally appears to be the job a worker does and foreign nationals, especially migrant workers, are more likely to be working in sectors where there are existing health and safety concerns.Ai??Migrant workers are often prepared to work in potentially unsafe conditions for comparatively low wages and vrdrug. in their country of origin there may well be a different approach to health and safety in the workplace and a culture of taking more risks with safety.

It is well known that young getting viagra over the counter. workers are vulnerable to suffering accidents at work due to lack of experience. Young workers are generally more willing to do a task and get on with a job even when it involves risks to safety.Ai??Youth unemployment in Great Britain is the second highest in the G8 countries after Italy, with 22% of 16-24 year olds unemployed and consequently a lot of young employees are grateful to have a job and do not raise questions about workplace safety.

All workers in England and Wales are entitled to the protection of the health and safety laws and companies must give their employees training and instruction in how to do the job safely, even if the employee is a young temporary worker or a migrant casual worker.Ai??Employers should ensure that despite the lack of workplace experience and possible language barriers that young workers and foreign nationals properly understand the training that is acquisto viagra con mastercard, is .5mg of propecia effective. given to them that is essential to being able to do the work safely.

Chemical Burn Injuries At Work

Skin burn injuries are painful injuries and even after skin grafts and plastic surgery can trazodone no script, journey stories. result in permanent scars and disfigurement.

The purpose of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (CoSHH) is to reduce the risk of chemical accidents at work and the starting point for a company is for an assessment of the risks to health caused by the use of chemicals.Ai??Risk assessments are not just papers exercises and pharmacy one. it is about taking sensible steps to prevent chemical accidents and ill health.

A case of a company prosecuted in North Tyneside Magistratesai??i?? Court illustrated how employees are unfortunately at risk of suffering accidents when the safety regulations are ignored.Ai??A 66 years old employee had to top up a chemical tank containing sodium hydroxide at work by using a pump and a hose to transfer the sodium hydroxide from a drum to glucophage. the tank.Ai??The hose fell off the pump and the worker was soaked in sodium hydroxide solution, a destructive corrosive chemical.Ai??The employee needed two weeks in hospital and had to undergo several skin grafts operations to treat the chemical burn injuries.

Following the accident it was noted that the hose was only attached by tape to the pump and there was not a proper clip fastener despite the hose being used for a powerful corrosive chemical. If an assessment of the task had been carried out it would have trazodone sales. identified the unsuitable work equipment being used to fill the chemical tank.Ai??The Health & Safety Executive prosecuted the company and it pleaded guilty to breaches of the Health & Safety at Work Act and was fined A?12,000 plus costs.