Car Accident in the City Centre

The highway authorities attempt to make city centres as safe as possible so generic pharma georgia. that people can enjoy going shopping or visiting the bars and restaurants.Ai??One safety measure to make city centres safer is to have pedestrian zones in which only buses and taxis are allowed to travel.

However, car accidents still happen in pedestrian zones and the real viagra pfizer, buy azithromycin. compensation claim of Mr Robert Ayres is an unfortunate case of a pedestrian suffering severe injuries as a result of being knocked down by a car.Ai??Mr Ayres was enjoying a night out with friends in Leicester city centre and was knocked down by a car that should not have been in the pedestrian zone.Ai??Despite the accident occurring in a city centre it was not recorded on cctv cameras and the circumstances of the accident were disputed.Ai??Mr Ayres had been drinking alcohol and the witnesses to the accident had also been drinking.Ai??The car driver was sober.

At the court hearing of Mr Ayresai??i??s compensation claim the judge held that before the accident happened the car driver had been stationary at a red traffic cialis 20mg paypal. light and seen Mr Ayres stood in the road.Ai??When the traffic light changed to green the car driver set off and whilst trying to drive past Mr Ayres who was still in theroad misjudged his manoeuvre and unfortunately knocked him down.Ai??The court decided that the car driver should have waited until Mr Ayres had moved clear of his car before he attempted to drive past him.Ai??Therefore, the car driver had not been paying sufficient attention to the movement of Mr Ayres in the road in front of him and the car driver was negligently responsible for the unfortunate accident, and Mr Ayres 20% contributory negligent for not being careful for his own safety.

The High Courtai??i??s decision in order decadron on line. Ayres v Odera

Faulty Machinery And Equipment At Work

When you are at work you should not have to make do with machinery or equipment that is buy ed pills online. faulty if it creates a risk of someone suffering an accident or being injured.

A Wakefield stone supplies company was fined A?2,000 and ordered to pay over A?4,000 in costs by Wakefield Magistratesai??i?? Court for failing to repair one of its fork canadian pharmacy ampicillin. lift trucks, after an inspector from the Governmentai??i??s Health & Safety Executive visited the companyai??i??s stoneyard.Ai??The HSE inspector found that a fork lift truck was still being used by men in the stoneyard even though it needed repairing. The forks of the fork lift truck did not raise and lower properly because the bearings had collapsed and were out of position.

The maintenance records for the fork lift truck showed that it had been repaired on a number of occasions during the previous 12 months, but the owners flaxseed lipitor statin. of the fork lift truck did not have a system for regularly carrying out inspections of the fork lift truck to check its condition and ensure that it was safe to use in the yard.Ai??It was therefore held that the owners of the fork lift truck had been in breach of its safety obligations owed under the workplace safety laws, such as the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

The view taken by the HSE was that companies are under a duty to have safe systems of work in place to ensure that important machinery and equipment used on a daily basis by its workforce is always in a safe condition.Ai??The Wakefield stone supplies company had not taken the faulty fork lift truck out of use by its workers in the yard and this could have resulted in an accident whilst it was being used to move heavy loads.Ai??An accident had not buy norvasc online, progreso mexico farmacies. yet occurred, however this appeared to be due more to good fortune than to an effective system for inspecting and maintaining the fork lift truck.