Travel Anxiety Compensation Claims

It is believed that almost 20% of people who attend hospital for treatment after being involved in a road traffic accident still have a phobic anxiety about travel one year after the accident.

People who are in road accidents make compensation claims for the bodily injuries suffered in the accident, such as whiplash injuries, fractured bones and soft tissue injuries, however compensation may also be claimed for the psychological trauma suffered due to the accident.

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For the last 20 years the courts have awarded compensation to people who have been involved in accidents and as a result have suffered psychiatric harm, even if they have not suffered bodily injuries.Ai??Psychological symptoms such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety or adjustment disorders can have a significant impact on personai??i??s life, in just the same way as a bodily injury.


It is important that people who develop psychological symptoms following an accident do not suffer in silence and seek help from their doctor.Ai??Rehabilitation treatment may be necessary to help someone recover from the mental health condition that has developed following an accident.

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Treatments such as a talking therapy like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) may help someone recover more quickly from the mental health disorder caused by an accident.Ai??If a compensation claim is being made in connection with the accident then the insurance company may pay for a private course of rehabilitation treatment.