A?500 Fine For Not Wearing A Car Seat Belt

A court could order you to pay a fine of up to A?500 for failing to wear a seat belt whilst a driver or passenger in a car, however, in most cases a police officer is likely to deal with the matter by issuing a fixed penalty notice of a A?60 fine.

The law relating to children wearing seat belts was changed 5 A? years ago so that English law complied with European Union laws on the use of car seat belts.A� The law says that babies and children under 3 years must be sat in a child seat (unless travelling in a taxi or private hire car).A� Children aged 3 years and older must sit in a child seat until they are 135cm tall (approx. 4 feet 5 inches) or until they are 12 years old, and this applies to both sitting in the front passenger seat or a rear seat.A�Again the taxi or private hire car exception applies, and also if the child is travelling a short distance for a reason of unexpected necessity.

The law for children to use child seats was brought in with the aim of reducing the number of children suffering injuries in road traffic accidents.A� Children were sustaining injuries caused by adult seat belts, and adult seat belts were not effective in restraining small children who were passengers in cars involved in accidents.A� The statistics show that since the change in the law there has been a significant reduction in the number of children aged under 12 years injured in road traffic accidents.

Like any safety equipment it is important that a child seat is correctly fitted in the car so that it can work properly.A� Parents should check that grandparents, family and child minders who may move a child seat from one car to another know how to correctly fit the child seat.

More information at the Department for Transport funded website:A� www.childcarseats.org.uk