A Man Armed with Commonsense

Driving your car in a street where children are playing is a potentially hazardous situation because children are unpredictable and can do silly things.

A 9 year old boy suffered a nasty fractured ankle injury when he was hit by a slow moving car whilst playing with a ball in the street with his young friends.Ai?? The children were playing a game of kicking a ball against a wall when the car travelled into the street.Ai?? The car driver was familiar with the street because he worked at the end of the street.Ai?? At the time when the car driver entered the street the children were stood on the pavement at the right side of the road.Ai?? The car driver took the precautions of slowing his speed down to less than 10 mph and ofdriving his car very close to the kerb on the left side of the road.Ai?? However, a boy ran across the road in front of the car and kicked the ball against the wall to the left side of the road.Ai?? The boy was on the pavement on the left side of the road and continued playing with the ball even though the para que sirve glimepiride 1 mg. car was approaching.Ai?? The boy stepped backwards off the pavement and the car hit his leg.

The boy made a road traffic accident compensation claim against the car driver.Ai?? A child as young as 9 years old cannot be held negligent at law, however, a car driver has duty is to take reasonable care for a pedestrianai??i??s safety.Ai?? The Court of Appeal that decided the compensation claim took the view that the quiet street where the children were playing with a ball was similar to a playground.Ai?? The car driver had seen the boy run across the road and continue playing with the ball, and that the boy was focussing his attention on the ball and not on his approaching car.Ai?? The car driver was aware that the course that his car viagra 100 mg for sale, buying viagra online from india. was travelling was close to the pavement where the boy was now playing, and therefore in the circumstances the car driver should have stopped his car and made sure that the boy was not going to again suddenly move in front of the car before he attempted to pass the boy.Ai?? The Court of Appeal decided that the car driver was wholly responsible for the accident.

The Court of Appealai??i??s decision in Oai??i??Connor v Stuttard