Accident Caused By Unsafe Step

It is probably something that has happened to most people, possibly whilst they are in a building that they do not know very well, falling off a small step in a door way that they had not noticed whilst walking across the room.Ai??However, these types of accidents can cause people to suffer significant injuries, such as fractured ankles or wrists.

An example of this is the accident compensation claim made by Mrs Barbara Berry when she slipped off a small step that was about 3 inches in height that was in a door way between two areas in a building society branch.Ai??There was a warning sign stating ai???Please Watch Your Stepai??i?? but it was displayed at a height of about 6 feet above floor level because the sign was suspended from the ceiling.Ai?? Mrs Berry said that she had not seen the warning sign because she was not looking upwards whilst walking.

The building society owed Mrs Berry a duty to take reasonable care for her safety whilst she was in the branch office.Ai??The building society argued that the warning notice was sufficient to enable Mrs Berry to be safe whilst visiting the branch office.Ai??The court disagreed with the building society and held it liable for the accident and therefore must pay compensation to Mrs Berry for the injuries suffered in the accident.Ai??The acheter finasteride propecia. court decided that the small step was a danger to customers and the building society had failed to give customers adequate warning about the small step in order to keep them reasonably safe whilst using the branch.

Jamaican Court of Appealai??i??s decision in Berry v Victoria where to buy luvox nyc]. original viagra in delhi. Mutual Building Society