Accident Getting Out Of A Bunk Bed

Mr Robert Robb worked as a scaffolder on a North Sea gas platform that was being refurbished.Ai?? Mr Robb had been sleeping in the top bed of a bunk bed in his cabin and when he stood on the ladder of his bunk bed it gave way beneath his foot causing him to fall about 5 feet and suffer injury.Ai?? Mr Robb made an accident at work compensation claim against his employer on the basis that it had failed to provide him with estrotab, zofran 8 mg dose. suitable work equipment.

Companies are required by the safety laws to provide their employees with suitable work equipment.Ai?? The ladder that caused Mr Robbai??i??s accident was not broken or faulty and it had given way because someone had not properly replaced the ladder on the side of the bunk bed after having moved it.Ai?? The safety laws require companies to properly consider the circumstances in which work equipment will be used and ensure that the equipment will be suitable for those working conditions.

Mr Robbai??i??s compensation claim was heard by the House of Lords who awarded him compensation for suffering the accident because the bunk bed ladder was not suitable equipment.Ai??The buy bactrim online no prescription. bunk bed ladder should have been securely fixed to the frame of the bunk bed to avoid any risk of the ladder being left in a loose condition and an employee suffering an accident.Ai?? Following Mr Robbai??i??s accident all of the bunk bed ladders were screwed securely to the frames of the bunk beds.

The House of Lords decision in Robb v Salamis (M&I) Limited

Safety law: the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998