Accident In School Leads To Prosecution

The Gilberd School, a maths and computing school in Colchester, Essex has been prosecuted in Colchester Magistrates Court following a 15 year old school pupil suffering an accident at school causing a complex over counter viagra substitute, fracture to his left ankle and foot.

Schools should be safe places for children and also for the people who work in the schools.Ai?? In March 2011 a pile of timber board that weighed 300 kgs was stored in the main foyer of the technology department of The Gilberd School.Ai?? Unfortunately, the stack of boards fell onto the school pupil knocking him to the floor and crushing his left ankle and foot.

The safety regulations apply to schools and colleges in acheter artcotec. just the same way that they apply to workplaces such as factories, offices and warehouses.Ai?? For example, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 apply to the school and if a risk assessment had been carried out it would have identified the hazard created for people using the reception area of the technology department by the by the pile of timber board being left in the condition that it was at the time of the accident.Ai?? Therefore, a more appropriate storage place would have been found for the timber board where there was no risk of it falling on school pupils.

The school pleaded guilty to breaching the Health & Safety at Work Act and was fined A?9000 and also ordered to pay costs.