Companiesai??i?? Duty To Provide PPE

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations have been law since 1993 and require companies to provide their employees, free of charge, theAi??protective clothing and safety equipment (known as ai???ppeai??i??) that they need to safely do their work.Ai?? This means that companies must assess the risks involved in doing the work and make an informed decision on the type of protective clothing and equipment that is needed to keep safe from injury the person doing the work.Ai?? Examples of ppe are safety glasses and steel toe capped boots.

Mr Threlfall was a street scene operative employed by Hull City Council who suffered a serious cut to his hand resulting in tendon damage whilst he was working lifting a sack of rubbish.Ai?? Mr Threlfall made a compensation claim against the council on the basis that the council had not fulfilled its safety duties to provide him with the protective clothing that he needed to do his work of lifting bags of rubbish.Ai?? The council contested the compensation claim and argued that it had provided ppe to Mr Threlfall because it had supplied him safety gloves.Ai?? The Court of Appeal decided that Mr Threlfall was entitled to compensation for the hand injury because the council had supplied the wrong type of gloves.Ai?? The valtrex over the counter. Court of Appeal said in order for the council to fulfil its obligations under the safety regulations it must supply gloves that actually protected Mr Threlfall from cut injuries whilst working lifting rubbish bags and it had clearly failed to do this.

Court of Appeal decision:Ai?? Threlfall v Hull City