Compensation For Cyclist Ignoring Red Light

Traffic lights control the road junctions where there are large volumes of traffic and all traffic lights follow the same sequence of signals: red (stop behind the stop line) ai??i?? red and amber (stop, do not start until green) ai??i?? green (go if the way is clear) ai??i?? amber (stop, unless you are so close to the line that you may cause an accident if you suddenly pull up).

Traffic lights are just one part of the system aimed at making the use of roads as safe as possible and cytotec online, canada pharmacy 24. they cannot be seen in isolation.Ai?? For instance, it is also important to comply with the speed limit for the road as well as comply with the traffic light signals.

Mr Attmed was driving a taxi in London and was travelling at in excess of the speed limit for the road when he entered a road junction controlled by traffic lights.Ai?? Mr Malasi entered the junction from a different road and collided into the side of the taxi unfortunately suffering significant injuries.Ai?? Mr Malasi made a road traffic accident compensation claim against the taxi driver and his claim was heard in the county court.Ai?? The judge after hearing all of the evidence accepted the evidence of the taxi driver and cialis non prescription needed. his passenger that the cyclist had ignored the traffic light signals and travelled through a red light.Ai?? However, the taxi driver had ignored the speed limit for the road and the taxiai??i??s excessive speed had undoubtedly contributed to the accident.Ai?? The judge decided that the cyclist was 80% at fault for the accident occurring and therefore was awarded only 20% of the full value of his compensation.

Court decision in Malasi v Attmed