Dangerous Speed Hump

Speed humps are intended to be a safety measure to calm traffic and make car driverai??i??s reduce their speed, however like any alli canadian pharcharmy online, levitra espanol. safety measure it is necessary that it is first of all properly planned and then maintained in a reasonable condition once it has been introduced, otherwise it may have the opposite effect and become a hazard.

An example of this is the case of Mrs Morag Lawson who with her husband went on a camper van holiday in Scotland.Ai?? They stayed at a caravanning and camping site, and on the first evening took their dog for a walk at 10.00 pm when it was dark.Ai?? Unfortunately, Mrs Lawson tripped over a tarmac speed hump that was raised about 4 inches above the surface of the main road in the camp site and fell sustaining personal injury.

Mrs Lawson made an accident compensation claim against the owners of the camp site and was awarded compensation by the local court for the injuries suffered in the accident.Ai?? The judge heard that there was no pavement next to the site road that Mrs Lawson could have walked on, no lighting in the area, no warning signs about the speed hump, and the white paint that had been painted on the corners of the speed hump had faded.

The judge held that the owners of the camp site were negligent and in breach of the legal duties owed to Mrs Lawson under the Occupiers Liability Act.Ai?? It was reasonably viprogra medication online pharmacy. foreseeable that campers would walk along the road during the hours of darkness and that if the speed hump was not visible then it would be a hazard that would cause pedestrians to trip and fall.

The Occupiersai??i?? Liability Act 1957

Court case: Lawson v The Broomfield Holiday Park