Dog Bites

If someone deliberately sets his dog on another person he is guilty of criminal assault and battery in the same way as if he had struck the other person with a metal bar.Ai?? However, if the circumstances of the sirius viagra commercial. dog attacking someone are not due to the dog keeper encouraging his dog to bite then it is likely to be the civil law that deals with any claim.

The viagra online per nachnahme bestellen, valtrex shelf life. Animals Act 1971 provides that in certain circumstances the keeper of a dog will be strictly liable to pay compensation to someone who suffers injury caused by his dog.Ai?? However, the Animals Act has specific criteria regarding the circumstances of the accident that must be satisfied before its strict liability provisions will apply to the compensation claim.

Compensation claims made under the Animals Act have to satisfy the technical requirements of the Act, and in relation to dog bite claims the test is one of foreseeability of the dog causing injury and whether the injury is likely to be severe.Ai?? Dog bite compensation claims are also made under the common law of negligence, that the dog keeper carelessly failed to restrain or keep their dog under control and this resulted in an accident or it biting someone.Ai?? Responsible dog owners may have pet insurance that will pay compensation, or their household insurance may cover the risk of the dog causing an accident or injury.