Double decker bus falls onto mechanic

Westminster Magistrates Court ruled that a coach company based in Sunderland was in breach of section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 following a prosecution for an accident occurring at one of its bus depots.

Section 2 of the 1974 Act places a basic duty on companies to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the safety of employees in the workplace.A� However, the coach company had operated an unsafe system of work when a mechanic was required to work underneath a double decker bus thatA�was raised off the ground on column lifts and wooden blocks.A�Unfortunately, a wooden block broke causing a bus axle to drop onto the mechanic who was working beneath the double decker bus.

The mechanic who was crushed by the bus suffered broken ribs and a broken pelvis, and was off work for six months recovering from the injuries.

The Health & Safety Executive investigated the accident and arranged the prosecution in the magistrates court of the coach company.A� The HSE inspector said a�?The use of wooden blocks in this way (to support a bus) could easily have resulted in a fatality.A� It was foreseeable that the blocks were likely to give way, putting the lives of employees at risk.a��