Electrical Explosion Caused By Digging Holes

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is the national regulator in England and Wales for workplace health and safety, and has the authority to cialis uk best buy. investigate workplace accidents.

The HSE investigated and prosecuted a Scunthorpe construction company after one of its employees suffered an electrical explosion whilst doing aAi??simple task.Ai?? A director of the construction company instructed two of its chep viagra, viagra in thailand. employees to dig holes outside the companyai??i??s site entrance so that a new sign could be erected.Ai?? However, the company did not check the positioning of the electrical network for the site before instructing the employees to begin work digging the holes.Ai?? Unfortunately, whilst a drill was being used to break concrete the concrete gave way and the drill pierced a 415 volt underground electricity cable resulting in an electrical explosion.

The construction company pleaded guilty to breach of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and was fined A?13000.00 plus costs by Scunthorpe Magistrates Court.Ai?? Unfortunately, the employee who suffered the electrical explosion has been left with permanent scarring caused by the burn injuries despite receiving emergency medical treatment as a hospital inpatient following the accident.