European Uniona��s New Healthy Workplaces Campaign

Every 3 1/2 minutes a worker suffers a fatal accident at work or fatal work related illness in the European Union.

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work is beginning a new safety campaign on 18 April 2012 in an attempt to reduce this death rate.A� The new campaign is named a�?Working Together For Risk Preventiona��.

The safety advisers at the European Union believe that the vast majority of accidents at work are preventable, and that if managers took more positive leadership in safety issues in the workplace and also encouraged workers to share ideas to improve safety then the whole workplace would benefit.

One of the strap lines of the campaign is a�?Safety and health at work is everyonea��s concern.A� Ita��s good for you.A� Ita��s good for business.a��A� The European Uniona��s Labour Force Survey of 2007 found that 22% of accidents at work resulted in the worker being on sick leave for at least one month.A� This causes disruptionA�to the business, and pain, suffering and possibly lost wages to the accident victim.

The E Ua��s campaign website:A�

The English focal contact point for the campaign is the Health & Safety Executivea��s website: