High Driving Standards For HGV Drivers

Heavy goods vehicles and light goods vehicles are viagra very expensive without insurance, fac simile ricetta cialis. much less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident compared to a car according to the Department for Transportai??i??s statistics.

In 2003 the European viagra sales cheap. Union introduced a law that all drivers of buses, coaches and lorries must undergo 35 hours of training every 5 years to maintain high driving standards and improve road safety.Ai?? The coach, bus or lorry driver is then issued with a certificate of professional competence.Ai?? The 35 hours of training enable drivers to keep up to date with new laws, and the education includes health and safety, defensive driving techniques, and first aid.

In view of the high number of road traffic accidents that occur every day there is an argument that the safety instruction and training of car drivers should not stop once a car driver has passed the driving test, and in particular during the first 2 years that they hold a driving licence, should undergo further compulsory instruction and training in safe car driving