Inexperienced Car Drivers Suffer High Number of Accidents

It is an international safety problem that young novice car drivers suffer a high number of serious road traffic accidents.

The European Commission and safety organizations in the USA and throughout the world have identified it as an important safety problem however finding a solution has not proved easy.

The UK Government estimates that nearly 38800 people are killed or injured every year in road traffic accidents in the UK involving at least one car driver with under 2 years post car licence car driving experience.Ai??Novice car drivers are generally young people, and the European Commission advises that road traffic accidents are the single greatest killer of 15-24 year olds in Europe.Ai?? In the USA the statistics are that during their first 6 months of driving newly licenced car drivers are about 8 times more likely to suffer a fatal road traffic accident than are more experienced car physician viagra clear lake city texas. drivers.Ai?? Young novice car drivers are a greater risk to other road users and it is believed that for each young novice car driver killed in a car crash about 1.3 other people also die.

Safety studies show that one of the causes of the high number of car accidents is that it is relatively easy to master vehicle handling skills for modern cars, and novice drivers are able to pass driving tests without having gained very much actual experience of driving koupit herpesin bez receptu, viagra.super.force. cars in different traffic situations and driving conditions.Ai?? Novice car drivers mistakenly believe that the standard of their driving skills are higher than in fact they are, whereas, for example, safety studies show that novice car drivers take up to 2 seconds longer to react to traffic situations than more experienced car drivers.Ai?? Another example is that novice car drivers are involved in a disproportionate number of road traffic accidents during the hours of darkness and this may well be because they do not have the experience of driving in the dark before passing their driving test.