Mobility Scooters

Accidents involving mobility scooters continue to be in the news.Ai??Recently, an accident was reported where a girl was hit by a mobility scooter inside a store and unfortunately suffered a broken leg.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has published a guidance document for mobility scooters and it remains to be seen whether there will eventually be any changes in the law.Ai?? Mobility scooters are in an unusual situation because historically they have been classified as a medical appliance and not as a motor vehicle.Ai?? As a consequence, the user of a mobility scooter does not have to take any type of official driving test and does not legally require public liability insurance.Ai?? The DfT in its guidance document ai???strongly advisedai??i?? that mobility scooter users who take their mobility scooters on the roads should have public liability insurance.Ai??Some mobility scooter users believe that their household insurance will cover their use of their scooter, however they should not assume this to be correct and should read their current household insurance policy.

The Highway hairy men, levitra in spanien kaufen. Code now contains a short section on mobility scooters and mentions two different types of mobility scooters.Ai?? The first type is known as a class 2 mobility scooter and has a maximum speed of 4 mph.Ai??This type of mobility scooter is for use on pavements and pedestrian areas. The other type of mobility scooter is known as a class 3 mobility scooter and has a maximum speed of 8 mph.Ai?? The class 3 type of mobility scooter may be used like a car on roads, however it must be equipped to be used on a road, and may also be used on pavements.

There are no official figures for the number of mobility scooters being used in England and Wales, and the DfT estimates that during the last five years the number has increased from about 70000 to more than 250000.Ai??A mobility scooter should only be used by a person with a physical disability because they are designed to give independence and mobility to disabled people who would otherwise have to rely on assistance.Ai??However, a medical certificate of disability or any type of official permit is not legally no 1 canadian pharmacy. required before a person can buy or use a mobility scooter.