Pedestrian Hit By Taxi

Mr Belka was struck by the front of a taxi and thrown up onto its bonnet breaking the windscreen whilst he was running across a dual carriageway at a designated pedestrian crossing.Ai??Mr Belka had been walking home with a friend late at night after having been out drinking with friends.

The pedestrian crossing where the accident occurred was not a zebra crossing or pelican crossing and pedestrians had to wait for a gap in the traffic. Mr Belka made a road traffic accident compensation claim against that taxi driver for the pharmacy express belize cialis. injuries suffered in the accident and his claim went to a court hearing.Ai??The judge decided that the taxi driver should have seen Mr Belka and his friend from a distance of about 30 metres away and as a precaution Ai??taken his foot off the carai??i??s accelerator.Ai??Although the taxi had the right of way the taxi driver still had to keep a proper look out for people crossing the dual carriageway and adjust his speed accordingly.

The judge decided that Mr Belka had taken a deliberate risk of an accident in running across the road in front of the taxi when it was not safe to do so.Ai?? The taxi driver had braked and swerved his car but was unable to avoid a collision.Ai??However, the taxi driver had seen the men in the refuge in the carriageway and best cough medicine over the counter, generic viagra super active 100mg. continued accelerating instead of reducing his speed, and the accident would have been avoided if he had reduced his speed.Ai??The judge found Mr Belka two thirds responsible for the accident and the taxi driver one third liable for the accident.Ai??The compensation claim went to the Court of Appeal and they upheld the judgeai??i??s decision.

The Law Reform (Contributory Negligence) Act 1945

The Court of Appealai??i??s decision in Belka v Prosperini