Public Health Observatories

a�?There are close to 11000 deaths from injury each year.A� Most of these are preventable, making injuries a serious health concern.a�� Said Dr Julia Verne, director of South West Public Health Observatory (SWPHO).

SWPHO is an NHS organization that holds data about public health and provides analysis to improve understanding of health and the factors that influence health.A� There are 12 public health observatories in the UK and SWPHO is the lead public health observatory for unintentional injury.A� SWPHO has prepared a�?Injury Profilesa�� from the data received from organizations such as the NHS and the Department for Transport, and its analysis of the data has shown big variations across different areas of England in death and hospital admissions due to injury.

RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, is over the next 3 years to receive up to A?706309 from the Department of Healtha��s Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development fund to run a�?The Safer Homes Programmea�� which begins in April 2012.A� The programme aims to reduce the number of accidents suffered by those most at risk of injury, including children and older people.

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