Reduction In Pedestrians Hit By Cars

Updated statistics released by the Department for Transport for the year 2010 show a continued reduction in the total number of pedestrian casualties who suffered road traffic accidents.A� The total number of pedestrians knocked down by motor vehicles in road accidents reported to the police in 2010 was 25845.A� The average number of pedestrian casualties during the years 2005-2009 was almost 30000 per year.

Speed is a key factor in road traffic accidents involving pedestrians.A� Drivers travelling at higher speeds obviously have less time to react to what is happening around them and it also takes longer for the car to stop.A� If an accident does occur of a car hitting a pedestrian it is much more likely to cause severe injuries to the pedestrian if the cara��s speed on impact was above 30mph.A�Safety studies have shown that the risk of a pedestrian suffering fatal injuries in a car accident markedly increases if the car is travelling at a speed greater than 30mph.A�A pedestrian who is knocked down by a car travelling at between 30mph and 40 mph is between 3.5 and 5.5 times more likely to be killed compared with if the cara��s speed was less than 30mph.

Greater road safety awareness by both car drivers and pedestrians is believed to have contributed to the reduction in pedestrian casualties.A� Also, speed limits being lowered for roads, particularly busy roads used as a�?cut through roadsa�� between areas, and the reduction of speed limits in residential areas to 20mph are also believed to have helped bring down the total number of pedestrian casualties.