Rocking Wobbling Paving Stones

Loose wobbling paving stones in the surface of town centre pavements are something that we have all encountered whilst out shopping or going about our business.Ai?? Loose paving stones can cause you to be thrown off balance or trip as a result of the paving stone unexpectedly moving beneath your foot.Ai?? This is what happened to Mrs Karen Dalton and she unfortunately fell, sustaining a fracture to the femur in her left leg.

Mrs Dalton made a compensation claim to the county council who had the legal viagra pills for men, valtrex from mexico. responsibility to maintain and repair the pavement in the town centre where the accident happened.Ai?? The county council declined to pay compensation, arguing that it had carried out inspections of the pavement both before and after Mrs Daltonai??i??s accident and had not noticed the loose paving stone.Ai?? Therefore, if it did not know about the loose paving stone it could not be expected to repair it.

The court awarded compensation to Mrs Dalton because the accident happened in a very busy area of a town centre, and the county council should have carried out careful inspections of the surface of the pavements.Ai?? Mrs Daltonai??i??s husband had taken photographs of the place where his wife fell as a record of the condition of the loose wobbling paving stone.Ai?? coupons for cialis 20 mg. The court took the view that Mr Daltonai??i??s photographs showed that the county councilai??i??s inspections of the pavement had not been sufficiently thorough to identify areas of the pavement that required repairing .Ai??The county council eventually did repair the paving stone a number of weeks after Mrs Daltonai??i??s accident.

The court of appealai??i??s decision in Dalton v Nottinghamshire County Council