Runaway Dumper Truck Rolls Into Bradford Station

On Sunday 25.03.2012 a dumper truck designed to roll on both railways and roads ran uncontrolled for more than 380 metres down a railway line and into Bradford Interchange Station.Ai?? Fortunately there were no casualties and the operator of the dumper truck had already jumped off for his own safety.Ai?? The buffer stop at the end of platform 1 brought the runaway dumper truck to a stop.

Rail Accident Investigation Branchai??i??s (RAIBai??i??s) preliminary examination findings indicate that the cause of the accident may have been operator error or possibly the braking system of the dumper truck being defective.Ai??The dumper truck is no prescription contacts uk. fitted with an interlock system to prevent the situation that apparently occurred at the time that the dumper truck was able to runaway down the gradient into Bradford Station, and it appears that the system may have been overridden by a member of the rail gang that had been working with the dumper truck.

RAIBai??i??s investigation will examine the actions of those working on site and with the dumper truck and also to check the condition of the dumper truck for any defects.

RAIB is also investigating an incident that happened on 19.03.2012 when a specialized vehicle used to relay track that was being moved by a locomotive was able to cause extensive damage to the footpath crossing on the approach to Blatchford junction, Frome, Somerset.Ai?? Track prednisone mastercard, suhagra side effects. renewal vehicles are owned by Network Rail, and used by its contractor Amey Colas.Ai?? RAIBai??i??s preliminary examination of the track relaying vehicle are that 8 bolts had failed that were intended to secure it whilst it was being transported.Ai?? RAIB will therefore be requiring access to the vehicleai??i??s routine inspection and maintenance records.

The findings of RAIBai??i??s enquiries into both accidents will be available on its website:

RAIBai??i??s investigations are independent of any investigation by the rail safety authority the Office of Rail Regulation.