Runaway Train On The Northern Line

Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) is the independent railway accident investigation organization, whose aim is to improve safety and prevent accidents.Ai?? RAIB is not a law enforcement or prosecution body canada pharmacy 24 hour drug store, mail order zoloft. like the Health & Safety Executive.

RAIB investigated the railway accident that occurred on Friday 13th August 2010 when an engineering train became a runaway train on the Northern Line of London Underground.Ai?? The engineering train had broken down and was being towed by a passenger train to East Finchley Station.Ai?? However, the emergency coupling device fractured that was being used to tow the engineering train, and as a consequence the engineering train broke free and ran back down the gradient towards central London.Ai?? The brakes on the train had been disabled to enable it to be towed, and therefore the crew on the train were not able to stop it rolling down hill.Ai?? London Underground Limited had to activate emergency procedures to avoid a train crash.Ai?? The crew jumped off the train for their own safety, and the train ran away for more than 4 miles before coming to a stop.Ai?? Fortunately there were no casualties, however there was damage to trains.

Seven safety recommendations were made by RAIB to London Underground Limited following its investigation into the circumstances of the runaway train.Ai?? It was identified that the emergency coupling was not fit for purpose, it buy viagra from canada. being inadequately designed and not strong enough for the task.

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