Smoking Car Causes Lorry Accident

A car driver Mrs Margaret Anderson made a compensation claim against the owners of a lorry after a lorry crashed zitromax from canada non generic. into the rear of her car on a dual carriageway.

Whilst Mrs Anderson was travelling along the dual carriageway she noticed smoke coming from the rear of her vehicle.Ai?? More and more smoke was coming out of her car as she attempted to continue her journey and Mrs Anderson became frightened and decided to stop her car.Ai?? In her panic Mrs Anderson failed to notice a lay-by at the side of the dual carriageway and managed to stop her car just after the end of the lay-by.Ai?? When Mrs Andersonai??i??s car came to a stop it was straddling the white line marking the edge of the dual carriageway and her car was partly sticking out into the inside lane.Ai?? Unfortunately, a lorry that was following Mrs Anderson failed to notice her stationary car and collided with its rear.

The court decided that the main reason for the road traffic accident was that Mrs Anderson had failed to stop gamabenceno in walgreens, mountain west apothecary viagra. her car in a safe place, either using the lay-by or getting her car completely off the inside lane.Ai?? However, the lorry driver was also at fault for the rear end shunt accident because he was driving too fast in the circumstances.Ai?? The judge decided that a split liability decision was appropriate and found Mrs Anderson to be two thirds to blame for the accident and the lorry driver one third responsible.Ai??Consequently, the award of compensation to Mrs Anderson was reduced by two thirds.

Court decision in Anderson v Warburtons Limited