Speak Up, Stay Safe

ai???Every 40 minutes in the UK a young person is seriously
injured in the workplace.Ai?? We think this position is wholly unacceptable.ai??i??
said Julie Nerney, the chief executive of the British Safety Council, a leading
health, safety and environmental charity campaigning to improve young worker

The Office for National Statistics has provided data showing
that the unemployment rate for the general workforce is 8%, however for the
16-24 years age group it is almost 22%, the worst that it has been for at least
19 years.Ai?? Young people are finding it very difficult to obtain a job, and
are then naturally anxious to keep their job.

The British Safety Council is working to keep young people
healthy and safe in their first jobs, and is recognized by the qualification
regulators as an awarding body. The British Safety Council has introduced alupurinal order in uk, synthroid without rx quick delivery.
a BSC entry level award in workplace hazard awareness, and it is free to all
14-19 year olds in full-time education.Ai?? The course covers hazards, safety
signs, protective clothing and employee responsibilities.Ai?? Schools across
the country are now encouraging their pupils to do the BSC entry level award,
and to date 120000 school pupils have done the course.

The British Safety Council also has an ongoing campaign
ai???Speak Up, Stay Safeai??i?? that encourages young workers to challenge anything that
is unsafe in the workplace, and also take responsibility for their own actions.

More information:Ai?? https://www.britsafe.org

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