Take A Moment, Not A Fall

This is the safety message that the regulator the Health & buy wellbutrin sr no rx, internet drugstore. Safety Executive (HSE)is publicizing in the construction industry that remains one of Britainai??i??s most hazardous industries.

The HSE advises that the hazards that make construction one of Britainai??i??s most dangerous industries are working at height, good housekeeping and order on site, and the risks associated with the removal of materials containing asbestos.

One of the most common causes of significant injuries and also fatalities in the construction industry is falls from height, with more than 5 incidents every day, despite the Work at Height Regulations having been law for 7 years now.Ai?? The Work at Height Regulations were made law with the aim of reducing the number of accidents caused by falling from cialis 5 mg daily effectiveness. height at work, and place a clear obligation on the employer to properly plan, supervise and carry out in a safe manner all work at height.Ai?? The law specifically states that this includes supplying the appropriate work equipment for the job, and ensuring that work at height is not done if the weather conditions are likely to jeopardize safety.