Tiredness Can Kill

The road safety charity Brake advises that road crashes are not accidents because they are preventable and must be stopped.Ai??The Department for Transport states that research suggests that almost 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep-related, and donde comprar venaglaxine, buy cialis cape town. are more likely than other types of road traffic accidents to result in a fatality or serious injury, possibly because the driver does not react to the accident occurring and attempt any avoidance manoeuvre.

It is believed that drivers who fall asleep at the wheel have usually realized that they were feeling drowsy however have attempted to continue their journey instead of taking a break.Ai??Turning up the volume on the carai??i??s radio or opening the front windows will have only a canadian pharmacy no presc. brief effect in keeping the driver awake.Ai??The Department for Transportai??i??s advice is that car journeys should be planned more carefully, for instance, it is well known that natural sleepiness develops after eating a large meal, therefore avoid eating a big meal and then setting off on a long journey.Ai??In any event, ensure that you take a 15 minute break from driving at least once every two hours to help you remain alert whilst driving.Ai??A high caffeine drink or two cups of coffee will help keep you alert together with taking the 15 minute rest.

It should also be remembered that falling asleep whilst driving is not an excuse in law for causing a road traffic accident, and you may still be prosecuted for a driving offence and anyone injured as a result of a road traffic accident may pursue a claim for compensation against you.

The Department for Transportai??i??s safety campaign: THINK! Donai??i??t drive tired

Brake road safety charityai??i??s website: www.brake.org.uk