Work Accidents

You do not go into work to suffer an accident. You go into work to earn an income, and then to return home again in the same condition that you were in before work. The law tadalafil 100. agrees with you, and states that if you have an accident at work caused by the companyai??i??s breach of its health and safety obligations you are entitled to claim compensation.

The health and safety laws are now very strict, and cialis tadalafil buy online, cialis in australia. a company cannot get out of them. A worker is entitled to be provided with:

  • The correct equipment for the job
  • Safe equipment that is in a reasonable condition
  • Safety clothing
  • Training and instruction in the task
  • A safe workplace
  • A safe system of work
  • Well trained fellow workers who know what they are doing.

If you are unlucky to have an accident at work caused by your employerai??i??s failure to fulfil one of the above safety duties you can claim compensation.

Since 1971 it has been compulsory for companies to have insurance cover, so that if a worker has an accident the insurance company will pay compensation. Therefore, it is not the employer that actually pays the compensation, it is the insurance

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